My new album is being played all over the world! 

Thank you to these folk/americana radio programs and DJs who played Joyce Luna's new album Every Road We Take in May through July 2018! 

So far, songs from the album have been played by 40 DJs on 42 shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Saskatchewan, Israel, and Australia. All without the help of a publicist or manager! Thank you so much to all of the DJs who took the time to listen to & program the album. Some of you are now friends; all of you are have my deepest gratitude and respect for helping to keep independent music alive! 

- Art Menius, The Revolution Starts Now (WCOM, Carrboro and Chapel Hill, NC) 
- Artie Mortello, Mostly Folk/Power Folk, (WIOX, NY); Blues & Roots Radio (CAN & AUS) 

- Bill Revill, Acoustic Blender (WESU Wesleyan University, Wesleyan CT) 
- Bob Weiser, the Old Songs Radio Show (WOMR & WFMR, Provincetown & Orleans MA) 

- Brenda Tacik, Deeper Well (CJTR 91.3 FM, Regina, Saskatchewan) 

- Carolyn VandeWiele, Roots For Breakfast, & WomenSpace (WFHB - Bloomington, IN) 
- Cathy Rivers (KXCI-Tucson, AZ) 
- Chris Kocher, The Signal (WHRW - Binghamton, NY) 

- Colin Fielding, Folk N Roots (3INR 96.5 FM,  Victoria, Australia) 

- Dan Alloway, Folk Fury (KTEP- El Paso, TX) 

- Dick Hermans, The Borderline (Robin Hood Radio, Sharon CT, broadcasts through the tri-state area) 

- Dick Hermans, New Harmony (WKZE--NY,  broadcasting to the Hudson Valley, NW CT & western MA) 

- Ed McKeon, Caterwaul (WWUH-Hartford, CT) 
- Gerry Goodfriend, Folk Directions (CKUT - Montreal, QC, Canada) 
- Greg Rogan, The Tuesday Night Ramble (KXCI-Tucson, AZ) 
- Isaac Banks, Banks Radio Australia 

- Jim Canales, Acoustic Revival (WWSP-Stevens Point, WI) 

- Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere Live (WMSC-FM & 
- John Sillberg, Small Time Radio Show, & Serendipity (CKOL - Camblellford & Madoc, ON, Canada) 

- Jon Stein, Hootenany Cafe (WTBQ-NY) 

- Kathy Harris & Aspen Green, Broad Perspectives (KXCI- Tucson, AZ) 

- Ken Batista, An American Sampler (WYEP,- Pittsburgh, PA) 
- Ken Nagelberg, It’s For Folks (WHYR -Baton Rouge, LA) 
- Kevin Elliot, From the Joshua Tree Inn (WEFT – Champaign, IL) 
- Marc Alpert, The MashUp, (KMUZ- Salem, OR) 
- Mark Michaelis, Acoustic Harmony (WGDR – Plainfield/Hardwick, VT) 
- Matt Milner & Sophie Gibson-Rush, Locals Only (KXCI-Tucson, AZ; live appearance) 

- Menachem Vinegrad, WorldWaves (Radio Upper Galilee & Rafio Katzrin, Israel-- "the only station in the Middle East to regularly play World Folk, Americana, Celtic & Blues music") 

- Michael Kane, Off the Beaten Path (WBRS-Waltham, MA) 
- Ray Baumler, A Variety of Folk (WRUR Rochester NY & WITH, Ithaca NY) 
- Ray Naylor, Philly Folk Scene (WPPM, Philadelphia, PA) 
- Rich Warren, The Midnight Special (WFMT - Chicago, IL) 
- Ron Cooke, Music They Don't Want You to Hear (KTAL, Las Cruces, NM) 
- Ron Olesko, Traditions (WFDU - Teaneck, NJ)  
- Stevie Connor, Under the Radar, Blues & Roots Radio 

- Susan Forbes Hansen, Watch This Space (WWUH, Hartford CT) 
- Susan Forbes Hansen, Sunday Night Folk Festival (WHUS, Storrs CT) 
- Taylor Caffery, Hootenanny Power, (WRKF Public Radio, Baton Rouge LA) 
- Tom Chrisman, Lunatic Fist, MA ( online streaming radio show) 
- Wanda Fisher, The Hudson River Sampler (WAMC FM, Albany New York)


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