Joyce Luna at the Tucson Folk Festival

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El Presidio Park, Tucson, AZ

Hey friends, I'm excited to play, along w Mike Markowitz on mandolin and Jim Lipson on percussion, on the La Cocina stage! It's my first time on this particular stage, & it's one of my faves. Come relax in the shade; have a drink & some food before going back over for the Plaza Stage Headliners later that night! My debut solo CD will be available at the stage. Come avoid the long lines at The Kitchen Store! :-) Oh, & I'm also 1 of 10 finalists in the Songwriter Competition, which takes place on the Wildflower stage 12-2pm. on Saturday. If I get the top prize, I get to do a Saturday night set as well! I am in a group of extremely talented songwriters, so no matter what, I'm honored to be part of it. Fingers crossed :-) Plus, I'm doing a workshop on Saturday at 3:30 PM called "Joyce Luna: Tips & Tricks for Recording Your Music". I wanted to call it "I made an album & survived to tell the tale" but they didn't go for that LOL. This will be very interactive, so come with any questions. We'll talk about how to best record your music--& especially, what I learned not to do!