Album release concert and celebration tonight!! And an update :-)

Well in case you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at keeping my website updated. It's on my list of things to improve :-) as is remembering to make lists :-) :-)

A lot's been going on. A lot has been happening in the world that is causing many of us distress and outrage and confusion. And fear. I mean, I am pretty scared about the way things are going. And I know that I've heard that from many of you.

And, many things are happening as well that are helping us to have hope and to work even harder to make this country  our country. To make sure it represents our values and our ethics. Because that's part of our job as Citizens, isn't it? To make sure the country in which we live reflects the heart of who we are. And I refuse to give up hope because without hope, there's nothing left. So I know things can and will change for the much better.

 one of the ways I do that work is through making music and writing and sharing music with all of you. To give myself you hoping energy and a way to express our feelings, both pain and joy and everything in between. There's a lot of amazing music coming out now. And I think it's because we all need it so much. There's a reason that music is always at the heart of all social change movements. Imagine what life would be like right now, without all of this inspiring music? I try my best to add what I can to that category:

The album was released to the public and to radio and press starting in mid-May. I made the rookie mistake of not thinking to include in my budget putting aside funds to mail CDs out to radio stations--oops--so I'm doing that slowly as I can afford it. But so far the album is being played across the country and in Canada and Australia and is on track to being played in the UK. So it's very exciting!

Kudos to so many hard-working folk, indie, and Community radio station DJs who don't get paid for what they do for the most part, and who do it because they love it. And I love them because they are what helps this music be heard in places in addition to my adopted home of Tucson Arizona! And the same to music writers and reviewers and online and independent magazines and blogs and so on. As much as I try to not let what others think of the music affect me, it's of course wonderful to hear good things. And to have the extremely hard work and attention to detail that my co-producer Ryan David Green and I put into this album noticed by listeners--because that makes it all worth it.

So tonight is the official album release concert. And it's the kickoff of a fourth Saturday concert series with Joyce Luna and friends that I'm starting. I know that I and music lovers in Tucson have been wanting a place to go see and hear--& perform!--music that's a true Listening Room environment. So I figured I better try to create it for myself! Next month, wonderful singer-songwriter Tammy West will share the evening with me.

Thank you to everyone who's already bought or play it or written about the album. And I hope those of you who are able to hear the music in the future will let me know if you want to CD, because I've got about 800 sitting in my living room. My other rookie mistake was not thinking about where I was going to store all of them LOL. But I'll figure it out.

And I will try to remember to make a list, and to put on the list to keep my website updated better. But I definitely keep my Facebook page more up-to-date, so look for Joyce Luna music on Facebook!