Hello and welcome to my brand-new website! As you can see, it is still being constructed. But for now, you can check out my bio, what the media has been saying about me, and most importantly you can check out some songs and videos. So please have fun exploring, and sign up for my email list before you head out!

For those who don't already know, I am a singer/songwriter based in Tucson AZ. I was unable to play music for about 15 years, until recent advances in robotic surgery took care of the persistent numbness in my left hand. I am happily playing shows again, and I hope to see you at one soon.

Click here to read a feature article about me in the December 1st, 2016 edition of the Tucson Weekly: Read more here

If I'm not coming to your geographic area anytime soon, I'll be doing some online ConcertWindow (streaming) shows over the next few months, dates TBA. You can sign in from the comfort of your living room and attend a show in your pjs! More info to come. Thanks for visiting, Joyce Luna

I'm excited to announce my new 4th Saturday Listening Room Concerts with Joyce Luna & Friends!! 

Hello music lovers,

The short version of this post is that I have started a new monthly Listening Room series every 4th Saturday (except October) where I will either share the evening with another singer-songwriter or I will do my own show with some special guests!

If you want to know why, keep reading. Otherwise, you can see the attached flyer. And each concert will be listed under the the Shows section of this website as well as on my Facebook page Joyce Luna Music

Tucson is an interesting place. There's lots of pretty amazing live music every night, but most of it is at restaurants and bars. I never played for tips until I moved here! And I have always been grateful for any opportunities I have to play music.

But this year, as I have gained more confidence, I have found myself wishing for places to play like the ones that I was used to in the Northeast, where people came specifically to hear the music. All those monthly coffeehouse series and small music venues that would seat up to around a hundred people . We don't really have places like that in Tucson; most of the Listening Room venues are much larger. The majority of the places to play here are outdoors, and we're competing with the blender sounds at the bar and the waiters reading specials of the day. And when music is more of a background kind of thing, of course people are chatting and socializing and enjoying themselves without really being able to play close attention to the music; I do the same thing when I'm at those places, even if I came with the intention of listening closely to the music!

This has made me acutely aware of how much the setting influences the experience of both the listeners and the performer. It has also helped me to clarify that, as a songwriter & a performer, I do what I do to make a connection with my listeners & my audience!! 

I also have allergies that make it harder for me to play outdoors-- including a mental allergy to playing outside when it's 104 degrees & 30% humidity like it was yesterday, LOL.

Instead of just talking about this as I did for a number of months, I realized that I should be proactive and do something! So I decided to look for a space that I could rent every 4th Saturday that is indoors, comfortable, with lots of easy parking and great sound. And I wanted it to be a place whose mission I support, if I were going to be paying rent each month. 

I found such a space at Congregation Chaverim, a synagogue that participates in multi-faith events and has a social justice perspective. August will be our second month there, and I think this will work out as an ongoing space for these monthly concerts.

And fortunately I have some volunteers helping me, because I honestly did not know how much work it takes to put on these shows! Which was probably good, because I might not have started otherwise :-)

So, that's why I'm doing this. My hope is that this monthly concert becomes a place for people to come together to hear music, sing along, support diverse artists, and find a sense of community with each other. A friend is already calling them my monthly Community Gatherings, and I love that. I hope that's what they are, and I hope that everyone reading this will put them on your calendar!

I have shows scheduled through January 2019 (please note that there's no October show!!). I'm following the model of those monthly coffeehouse/folk series I mentioned earlier, with a sliding scale suggested donation at the door, more if you can & less if you can't--no one is turned away for an inability to pay! And if you'd like to not just come but help set up before the show or break down after, please let me know.

If you're not in the Tucson area, I'm hoping to start live streaming these shows within the next couple of months. I'll keep you updated!!

Thanks for all the support I have gotten, especially in the past couple of years. It's funny, whenever I feel a little bit discouraged, that's when someone sends an email or a message on Facebook with some positive feedback. It lets me know that I'm supposed to keep doing this. And that's a good thing, because I love getting to create and play music for all of you! I hope to see you at a show soon!!

xoxo, Joyce


My new album is being played all over the world!  

Thank you to these folk/americana radio programs and DJs who played Joyce Luna's new album Every Road We Take in May through July 2018! 

So far, songs from the album have been played by 40 DJs on 42 shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Saskatchewan, Israel, and Australia. All without the help of a publicist or manager! Thank you so much to all of the DJs who took the time to listen to & program the album. Some of you are now friends; all of you are have my deepest gratitude and respect for helping to keep independent music alive! 

- Art Menius, The Revolution Starts Now (WCOM, Carrboro and Chapel Hill, NC) 
- Artie Mortello, Mostly Folk/Power Folk, (WIOX, NY); Blues & Roots Radio (CAN & AUS) 

- Bill Revill, Acoustic Blender (WESU Wesleyan University, Wesleyan CT) 
- Bob Weiser, the Old Songs Radio Show (WOMR & WFMR, Provincetown & Orleans MA) 

- Brenda Tacik, Deeper Well (CJTR 91.3 FM, Regina, Saskatchewan) 

- Carolyn VandeWiele, Roots For Breakfast, & WomenSpace (WFHB - Bloomington, IN) 
- Cathy Rivers (KXCI-Tucson, AZ) 
- Chris Kocher, The Signal (WHRW - Binghamton, NY) 

- Colin Fielding, Folk N Roots (3INR 96.5 FM,  Victoria, Australia) 

- Dan Alloway, Folk Fury (KTEP- El Paso, TX) 

- Dick Hermans, The Borderline (Robin Hood Radio, Sharon CT, broadcasts through the tri-state area) 

- Dick Hermans, New Harmony (WKZE--NY,  broadcasting to the Hudson Valley, NW CT & western MA) 

- Ed McKeon, Caterwaul (WWUH-Hartford, CT) 
- Gerry Goodfriend, Folk Directions (CKUT - Montreal, QC, Canada) 
- Greg Rogan, The Tuesday Night Ramble (KXCI-Tucson, AZ) 
- Isaac Banks, Banks Radio Australia 

- Jim Canales, Acoustic Revival (WWSP-Stevens Point, WI) 

- Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere Live (WMSC-FM &  BluesandRootsradio.com 
- John Sillberg, Small Time Radio Show, & Serendipity (CKOL - Camblellford & Madoc, ON, Canada) 

- Jon Stein, Hootenany Cafe (WTBQ-NY) 

- Kathy Harris & Aspen Green, Broad Perspectives (KXCI- Tucson, AZ) 

- Ken Batista, An American Sampler (WYEP,- Pittsburgh, PA) 
- Ken Nagelberg, It’s For Folks (WHYR -Baton Rouge, LA) 
- Kevin Elliot, From the Joshua Tree Inn (WEFT – Champaign, IL) 
- Marc Alpert, The MashUp, (KMUZ- Salem, OR) 
- Mark Michaelis, Acoustic Harmony (WGDR – Plainfield/Hardwick, VT) 
- Matt Milner & Sophie Gibson-Rush, Locals Only (KXCI-Tucson, AZ; live appearance) 

- Menachem Vinegrad, WorldWaves (Radio Upper Galilee & Rafio Katzrin, Israel-- "the only station in the Middle East to regularly play World Folk, Americana, Celtic & Blues music") 

- Michael Kane, Off the Beaten Path (WBRS-Waltham, MA) 
- Ray Baumler, A Variety of Folk (WRUR Rochester NY & WITH, Ithaca NY) 
- Ray Naylor, Philly Folk Scene (WPPM, Philadelphia, PA) 
- Rich Warren, The Midnight Special (WFMT - Chicago, IL) 
- Ron Cooke, Music They Don't Want You to Hear (KTAL, Las Cruces, NM) 
- Ron Olesko, Traditions (WFDU - Teaneck, NJ)  
- Stevie Connor, Under the Radar, Blues & Roots Radio 

- Susan Forbes Hansen, Watch This Space (WWUH, Hartford CT) 
- Susan Forbes Hansen, Sunday Night Folk Festival (WHUS, Storrs CT) 
- Taylor Caffery, Hootenanny Power, (WRKF Public Radio, Baton Rouge LA) 
- Tom Chrisman, Lunatic Fist, MA ( online streaming radio show) 
- Wanda Fisher, The Hudson River Sampler (WAMC FM, Albany New York)

Album release concert and celebration tonight!! And an update :-) 

Well in case you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at keeping my website updated. It's on my list of things to improve :-) as is remembering to make lists :-) :-)

A lot's been going on. A lot has been happening in the world that is causing many of us distress and outrage and confusion. And fear. I mean, I am pretty scared about the way things are going. And I know that I've heard that from many of you.

And, many things are happening as well that are helping us to have hope and to work even harder to make this country  our country. To make sure it represents our values and our ethics. Because that's part of our job as Citizens, isn't it? To make sure the country in which we live reflects the heart of who we are. And I refuse to give up hope because without hope, there's nothing left. So I know things can and will change for the much better.

 one of the ways I do that work is through making music and writing and sharing music with all of you. To give myself you hoping energy and a way to express our feelings, both pain and joy and everything in between. There's a lot of amazing music coming out now. And I think it's because we all need it so much. There's a reason that music is always at the heart of all social change movements. Imagine what life would be like right now, without all of this inspiring music? I try my best to add what I can to that category:

The album was released to the public and to radio and press starting in mid-May. I made the rookie mistake of not thinking to include in my budget putting aside funds to mail CDs out to radio stations--oops--so I'm doing that slowly as I can afford it. But so far the album is being played across the country and in Canada and Australia and is on track to being played in the UK. So it's very exciting!

Kudos to so many hard-working folk, indie, and Community radio station DJs who don't get paid for what they do for the most part, and who do it because they love it. And I love them because they are what helps this music be heard in places in addition to my adopted home of Tucson Arizona! And the same to music writers and reviewers and online and independent magazines and blogs and so on. As much as I try to not let what others think of the music affect me, it's of course wonderful to hear good things. And to have the extremely hard work and attention to detail that my co-producer Ryan David Green and I put into this album noticed by listeners--because that makes it all worth it.

So tonight is the official album release concert. And it's the kickoff of a fourth Saturday concert series with Joyce Luna and friends that I'm starting. I know that I and music lovers in Tucson have been wanting a place to go see and hear--& perform!--music that's a true Listening Room environment. So I figured I better try to create it for myself! Next month, wonderful singer-songwriter Tammy West will share the evening with me.

Thank you to everyone who's already bought or play it or written about the album. And I hope those of you who are able to hear the music in the future will let me know if you want to CD, because I've got about 800 sitting in my living room. My other rookie mistake was not thinking about where I was going to store all of them LOL. But I'll figure it out.

And I will try to remember to make a list, and to put on the list to keep my website updated better. But I definitely keep my Facebook page more up-to-date, so look for Joyce Luna music on Facebook!



My crowdfunding campaign is officially closed, and the album is being released on May 2nd 2018! 

04/22/18 UPDATE:

A year ago I opened my crowdfunding campaign campaign, having absolutely no idea what would happen. I close it today with $9326 donated, both on this site & offline--That is 93% funded!!!! I am amazed & touched & overwhelmed by the response. But mostly, I am inspired & energized by it. 

Thank you so much to all you wonderful folks who've supported this project up till now & all who will support it in the future. You have my deepest gratitude. And soon you will have this album--which you have made happen! 

The album, Every Road We Take, will be released the first week in May 2018, available as a CD and digitally on my website and all other major music Outlets.

For me, this journey has been a testament to what can be done with a dream, a website, persistence, and a community who believes in and supporting independent music. I hope it inspires you to follow your own dreams, and I look forward to cheering you on. xoxo, Joyce

Happy New Year! My hopes for you are... 

Happy New Year to one and all! Here's hoping that 2018 brings better things in this country and to the world at large.

So many of you have been waiting patiently for this new record, so I wanted to share a rough mix of the title song, Every Road We Take. Recorded and coproduced by Ryan Green of Ryanhood, it features him on guitar, mandolin, & vocals, & Michael Gilbert Ronstadt on cello.

I wrote this song about having hope and being willing to take chances even/especially in dark and uncertain times. I hope you enjoy it! To hear it, click here.

As hard as things have been politically and socially across this country, I have personally been getting so much support and encouragement from my fans and friends, as well as more opportunities to do what I love most. Which is to bring Light to the darkest of places in the form of music. It's often very hard to hold all of those things at once: Is it ok to feel encouraged and grateful when so much is going wrong for so many? I think so. In fact, I think it's the only thing that gives us the strength to keep working and hoping and loving.

Being alive and human is complicated. Let's all hold that complexity together. Let’s keep fighting for justice & change everywhere while being grateful for every little thing we have in the moment. That's my resolution for 2018.

I will end with a photo of me & Ryan in the recording studio on the day of the Eclipse. Safety First! I hope it makes you smile as we enter 2018. Thank you all so much for being part of my community! xoxo, Joyce.



Hello friends,

Sorry that I have not been keeping up with posting the CD recording updates to my website as well as on the crowdfunding site. We are making slow but sure progress and as of now I've got 10 out of 11 final vocals done. The new release date target is the end of March!

You can read all of the updates and you can support the project Here.

I've still got a bit of money to raise but we are pretty close. Thank you as always for all your support. Love, Joyce.


The CD is 82% funded!! Only $1818 to go. THANK YOU. 


The words “thank you” never seem adequate, but it’s what I’ve got. So, thank you to all who have contributed to this project. We are 82% funded! Together we have raised $8,181. Wow!! That leaves $1,818 to go. I know we will get there. 

Fundraising pushes me way way out of my introvert comfort zone. So I thank you all for responding & being part of this project. Once we are a little further along, I'll post parts of rough mixes so you can hear the record you're helping us make. 

Because of you,  Ryan David Green and I were able to go into the studio last week and get vocals, basic guitars, and a drum track done for five songs. That is amazing! 

It is such a pleasure working with Ryan. He brings sensitive, honest, and smart musicianship to this project, as well as recording and computer skills that I’m glad I don’t have to even try to develop. :-) plus he laughs at my dumb jokes, which is of course the most important quality a producer needs to have. 

Because of you, we'll also be able to have Michael Gilbert Ronstadt play cello and Jim Lipson play percussion on this record. Things are cooking, people! So thank you. 

I'm taking some time off from shows this summer to focus on the CD. And because it's too hot to leave the house LOL.  But don't worry,  I'm still here :)

I will of course keep you updated, and always feel free to send me questions. Or cookies. Or dumb jokes-- because I will laugh at them. xoxo Joyce

Click here to pre-order/support the CD recording project!

Thank you, & watch a live streaming concert for FREE! 

With your support we have raised over $4,500 in the first 28 days of my upcoming CD project campaign! That's 38% funded! To thank you all whose support has gotten this CD project to this point, I did a Facebook live streaming video that you can watch by clicking here:

Joyce Luna Facebook Live Thank You concert

There is still over half way to go though. To read more about my story of getting back to playing music after 18 years through a miraculous surgery, and to be one of the people who makes the CD happen, click here: The making of Joyce Luna's upcoming CD, Every Road We Take

Here is a Facebook live video recorded in January 2017 by Monterey Court when I was doing a show on the anniversary of the shooting in Tucson--"All we are is Dust in the Wind"

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4th Saturday Listening Room concerts with Joyce Luna and Friends

 —  —

Congregation Chaverim, 5901 E. 2nd St. @Sahuara (near Speedway & Craycroft;venue entrance is on Sahuara), Tucson, AZ

*Sat. July 28, 2018 is a shared concert with Joyce & Tucson singer-songwriter Tammy West!

*Sat. August 22, 2018 is a very special concert: 4th Saturday Listening Room Concerts with Joyce Luna & Friends presents an evening of: Songs of Resistance, Protest, Hope & Community Including original songs & songs by Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell & Bob Dylan to current artists Zoe Mulford (The President Sang Amazing Grace), Fred Small, John Gorka & more. During these very difficult & often heartbreaking times, we all need reminders that we can get through it together, & that music can Inspire, uplift, inform, entertain & energize us—please come listen, enjoy, & sing along!! With featured guests Wally Lawder, Anne English, and I Hear Voices! (Bobby Kimmel, Kathy Harris, Bobby Ronstadt, Jack Culver, and Suzy Ronstadt)

  • Sat.September 22 is a shared concert with Joyce & the wonderful Oscar Fuentes, a singer-songwriter (& owner of Tucsound Recording Studio) originally from Guadalajara Mexico and now a Tucson resident!

*No October 4th Saturday show

*Sat. November 24, 2018 is a shared concert with Joyce & singer-songwriter Jamie Anderson who grew up in Tucson and is now on tour from Canada!)

*December 22nd: 4th Saturday Listening Room concerts presents Jotce Luna & Young Macdonald: Winter Solstice-- Songs Celebrating the Night and Welcoming the Light. This will be a concert of holiday & wintry music, as well as songs exploring the themes of the holiday season: light and dark, peace and love, and good will to all! Joyce is joined by young teen prodigies Will and Lee MacDonald on fiddle and cello. This is a one-time-only show and will be unlike any other holiday show of the season!

*Sat. January 26, 2019 is a shared concert with Joyce & Teodoro Ted Ramirez!!

SUGGESTED DONATION @DOOR: $10-$20 (more if you can, less if you can’t!) CASH/CHECK ONLY Indoors, A/C, easy free parking! Info: 520/981-8311 or Joycelunamusic@gmail.com